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  • Protect Your Family!
    Protect your kids from dangerous websites, adult content and violent advertisements.
  • Protect Your Business!
    Protect your business from botnet attacks, Malware and phishing websites.

  • Increase employee efficiency by blocking non work-related websites.
Protect your family online in minutes
Automatic block of dangerous websites, no installation
Blocks Malware, botnets and phishing!
Protect you family and kids online in 2 minutes
Blocks adult, violent and 47 other website categories of your choice
Gain a peace of mind & full control.
Block access to non-work related websites
Increase the productivity & security of your employees
No installation, no impact on network, takes TWO minutes to configure!
First line of defense
Blocks all known phishing, malware, fraudulent and infected websites so you, your kids or employees won’t accidentally go there.
Nothing to install
Greenteam is a cloud-based service that does not require any software or hardware installation. Start using in minutes!
Fast and simple
Sign up, define our DNS servers and choose your preferred security (High, Med, Low). That's it! .
No slow down
The GreenteamDNS service will not impact network performances.